Full Training and Support

Full Training and Support

Without a system even the best ideas can be difficult to manage

A difference between a successful and an unsuccessful Work-From-Home based business often is in the system and the training that is provided to you.

Our system combines proven tools and cutting-edge technology that will help to advance your business organisation Worldwide.

All you need is the desire to succeed, be teachable and willing to learn, have the desire to change, and have the self-control to follow our proven system.

Training and Support Services:

  1. Training Material: This starts right from the word "Go". When you choose the "Get Started" option on this website, you may order a ''Decision Package'' that will provide you with detailed information who we are, what we do and how to start your business. The package comes as either a multimedia CD or a video, audio, and manual package. The material is easy to understand and answers all of your questions.
  2. Mentor Program: Throughout your business growth you will be working with an experienced mentor to provide you with individualized support. You can interact with your mentor as often as you like and your mentor can be contacted by phone, email or in person. Your mentor''s role is to guide you through the initial set up of your business, and to provide you with the ongoing guidance necessary to build and run a successful business.
  3. "The Training Modules": These are conference calls that are designed to provide practical, specific basic training to help you get started with your business. Detailed step by step instructions are provided on the basics of business organization, setup, and all aspects of the ongoing growth and development of your business. While on these calls you will have the opportunity to hear success stories and lessons learned from your peers.
  4. Focus Groups: This is a fast-track program for people who want to get off to a fast start. Generally, Focus Group members are those who have goals of earning six figure or higher incomes, but there are also Focus Groups for people who want to build their business on a more part-time basis. A Focus Group consists of no more than 8 members per group. These members participate in weekly conference calls via the phone or Internet where the team works together to strategize and formulate marketing plans. Participating in Focus Groups affords you the opportunity to work closely with some of your most successful peers.
  5. VIPS: Possibly our most powerful "secret weapon". This is a telephone based communication and training system that will keep you updated on the most recent marketing, advertising and business development techniques. In this fast changing industry it is imperative to stay current in order to be competitive.
  6. Success Training Seminars: This is usually a one day event designed to provide you with a crash course on the state of the industry and new marketing and advertising campaigns. The best part about these seminars is it provides you with the opportunity to meet and collaborate with your peers in person, and are designed to provide you with the information and the inspiration.
  7. Internet Broadcast Network: These are weekly training sessions broadcast worldwide via satellite, simultaneously translated into 18 languages. The sessions are provided by the top performers in this business. You have the opportunity to learn valuable business tips and techniques from people who are already benefiting from them.
  8. Powerful Internet tools and your own personal website:
    So you can take full advantage of what the Internet has to offer, we offer a number of turnkey business solutions ... your own personal website complete with e-commerce capability, online support materials, forms, documentation, video, audio, and ordering. You can even pick your own domain name. The Internet is a POWERFUL new tool that you can use to grow your business around the corner and around the world!
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