What is the Syphilis and Alzheimer’s Connection?

What is the Syphilis and Alzheimer’s Connection?

A lot of research has gone into the syphilis and Alzheimer''s connection. Syphilis is caused by particular bacteria and is sexually transmitted. These bacteria that cause syphilis can be dealt with using proper medications. However, left untreated syphilis can advance rapidly, to the extent that the health of the person can be badly affected.

Syphilis and Alzheimer''s - What Should One Do?

There are four stages in the development of syphilis, each with its own symptoms. These symptoms are very often very similar to those of some other diseases. Because of the similarity to other diseases, the symptoms are often mistaken the diagnosis as well as treatment is frequently wrong or delayed.

The primary stage of syphilis is indicated by an open wound in the genital / anal area or the mouth, or other parts of the body affected by the bacteria.

In the second stage of the disease, about a month to almost ten weeks after the disease has been contracted, skin rashes and other symptoms may appear. This is the time when syphilis is communicated to others via contact with affect skin or mucous membranes it is extremely contagious.

The latent or hidden stage of the disease comes next, about a year after the onset of the disease. Here, no symptoms may present themselves, but the disease is still contagious.

During the tertiary stage of this sexually transmitted disease, there are likely to be mental issues and this is why many in the field believe that there is a link between syphilis and Syphilis and Alzheimer''s. When syphilis is not attended to for a long period of time, the disease-causing bacteria can do serious damage to organs in the body. Mental illness, cardiac and a host of other central nervous system problems may also result.

Research on the syphilis and Alzheimer''s connection has not been conclusive. Remember that if syphilis is not dealt with soon, a lot of health problems will ensue.

Do consult your doctor immediately if you think that you might have syphilis. It isn''t something that should be ignored. If syphilis is not treated properly, it can result in mental problems and Alzheimer''s Disease. Research may soon be able to demonstrate the syphilis and Alzheimer connection and in doing so, will be able to stop the progression of this dreaded illness. Until that becomes a reality however, it is critical that everybody exercises caution in an effort to stay healthy.

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