Health and

Health and

is a programme with exercise videos, each one lasting

from 3 to 4 minutes. Once it is installed, the exercise

to do will appear in a window on your screen every 30

minutes of use of your pc.

Very important!!! This offer can help you to

feel better if you belong to the group of people who spend

several hours a day in front of the computer screen. Humans

cannot do so without feeling some discomfort which can

turn into real problems with time.

Do you feel weariness in your back

If you learn and practice regularly

exercises N° 5, 10, 15 and 20 and if you take

into account some of the suggestions I will give

can watch some video samples ofhealthandpc

In the last ten years of my professional work as kinesiologist/physiotherapist

I noticed a considerable increase in the number of people

having problems related to the intensive use of the p.c..

That is why I created saludypc. It is a learning proposal,

of deep self-knowledge and practice of exercises. The aim

of saludypc is prevention, and also to avoid and/or reduce

the harmful effects of repetitive work in tension or repetitive

I will be very pleased if I can contribute to your wellbeing.

access to the complete program you will be required

They are very simple and easy to follow anytime you can,

is why they are not shown on the video.Try it! Click here