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According to Chinese media reports, unhealthy living practices and ever-worsening pollution problems are having a profound impact on the rise of infertility in China.

Zhejiang Daily reported on the results of a regional survey, which showed an infertility rate of 7 to 10 percent among married Chinese couples. The inability to get pregnant or to carry a child to term is on the rise.

According to, a Shanghai City study found that pollution is worsening; and this in turn has created a situation where male infertility rates are rising significantly. Shanghai Daily reported that male fertility has declined by at least 12 percent in the past 10 years. Professor Wang Yifei, President of the Chinese Society of Reproductive Medicine within the Chinese Medical Association, shared his views during an interview with Zhejiang Daily. He reported that most sperm donors to the Shanghai Sperm Bank are university students. They should be young, vigorous, and in prime physical health.

However, most of their sperm donations do not meet the standards required Not only are the sperm counts low, but the motility of the sperm is poor.

The report noted that females who delay marriage and childbearing until they are older are more likely to experience infertility.

Zhejiang Daily and the Global Times reported that experts believe the major reason for rising infertility rates is adverse elements in peoples living environments. Agricultural fertilizers, toxic pesticides, decorative materials (like lead-based paints), and animal feed supplemented with growth hormones have polluted Chinas soil, water sources, and food, thereby harming human sperm directly and indirectly.

In addition, such lifestyle choices as drug abuse, alcoholism, smoking, obesity, and stress are all major factors in the decline of male sperm counts. quoted China Daily, saying that in recent years, along with rapid economic developments, Chinas various pollution problems will continue to worsen.

In a recent survey of 700 rivers, conducted by the Chinese government, more than half were found to be severely contaminated. Water and air pollution control measures that meet required standards were found in only eight out of sixty-four major cities investigated.

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